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Ohio State University, Nutrition sciences major, Integrative approaches to health and wellness minor


A holistic college experience

AP allowed me to grow and challenge myself, and to show others that I was capable of tackling high-level work. I learned how to focus and work hard, strengthened my study skills, and developed my problem-solving and communication abilities — all of which have served me well as I face college courses with mounting rigor in my science major, and as I build connections with the many diverse minds on the Ohio State University’s campus. If I had known that taking AP courses not only furthered my development as a student but would also garner me so much college credit, I might have tried to take even more than the eight AP classes I did!

AP gave me an openness, work ethic, and focus that I’ve carried through to rigorous college courses.

With my AP credits, I’ve been able to take advanced courses I’m more passionate about, like molecular genetics and microbiology, as an underclassman. Deep involvement in my department has given me unique access to opportunities I would never have imagined, like attending a presentation by a Nobel laureate and getting involved in field research so early in my college career.

Just as important, AP credit has created the space for me to try new things. Whether it’s singing in the Ohio State [University] Women’s Glee Club, taking elective courses, or pursuing a unique minor that combines my interests in philosophy, positive psychology, and yoga/meditation, I feel that I am fully experiencing college. As a future integrative physician, I believe that my commitment to my own body, mind, and spirit will be reflected in my ability to help others keep healthy in turn.

I think a major factor in student success is engaged learning in one’s fields of interest. AP credit opens the door for students like me to explore our passions as soon as we begin our college years. I am very grateful!

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